added a favicon, check it out–there should be an icon next to the website url in your address bar or tab. unless you’re a safari user, i didn’t see it in safari yesterday.

i am on a new music kick. i’m really enjoying frightened rabbit, richard swift, and the avett brothers. i guess it’s new to me….

i’ve been working on the frontpage to my website. i think making it and activating it will kick my butt into gear to finish my reel(s). i’m probably going to have an animation reel and an everything reel.

i haven’t forgot about my promise to post some writings. i have finished a first draft of a story and i’ve sent it along to three friends that i trust their opinion. with their feedback, i’ll do a rewrite, submit it to a wider group of people. when that process is done, i’ll post it here. i enjoy writing, but i have yet to fall for the rewrite. i think i would just rather start over all together, rewriting the same thing, but i think that is na├»ve. i just have to be okay with the messyness that occurs during a rewrite and trust that it’ll be better in the end.

here is to today. make it count.

(the internet is a weird place)

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    In safari, from what I can tell, it shows up for two seconds and then reverts back to the blue earth. Weird.

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